Recent Inner Monk Design iOS developments

I'm proud to announce that several of the apps I've been working on have now been accepted and released into the app store.

The reception has been wonderful and I'm focused on delivering quality user experiences deep into the future. Digit Ball had over 100 players on its leaderboard in the first week and has players coming back, some with over 5,000 total shots made so far. Here's a little bit on each app that was recently released.

Burrito Buddies

Burrito Buddies - Free

Keep track of all the different burrito combinations you and your friends love - perfect when picking up lunch for the crew. Has a built in Burrito Locater that lets you search all around for the perfect place to get a burrito wherever you are.

Digit Ball

Digit Ball - Free with In-App Purchases - Achievements and Leaderboards

Shoot as many balls into the hoop as you can in 60 seconds. Use the practice court to perfect your shot. Unlock new ball options as you tally more made shots.

Paul The Lazy Penguin

Paul The Lazy Penguin - Free with In-App Purchases - Achievements and Leaderboards

Paul is in Danger! But he is also very lazy. Simply swipe to dodge sharp icicles, collect frozen stars, and eat your fill of lazy fish. Collect enough stars to unlock Hard Mode for an extra-difficult round of saving Paul!

Felix The Flying Squirrel

Felix The Flying Squirrel - Free with In-App Purchases - Achievements and Leaderboards

Quickly tap to send Felix flying. But be careful! There are dangerous animals you must avoid along the way. Gather enough acorns to unlock new suits for Felix to wear.

Thanks for the support

Well that's all for now. Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements and updates. If you have any questions or need any support for any iOS app developed by Inner Monk Design please see the home page for contact information. Thank you!